Meet #4 Results

Data Results – May 1st BSHS

There are a few issues I know about (you don’t need to write to me), but generally they look good.  It’s notable that this meet included the entire region, though turnout was generally low.

I’ll pass on Meet #3 results as soon as I have them.


Practice 5/3

A few notes:

  • It’s raining on and off today but know that I will be there with an umbrella to do a quick practice today 5/3 for anyone that wants to run.  Bundle up, and we’ll make it a quick one if it’s wet out.  We’ll stop immediately for thunder or lightning, so stay close.
  • I understand that CCD has a special mass tonight so all CCD participants are excused.
  • The subnovice season is only done if you want it to be.  The little ones will run at the Region 17 Championships – one race – a 100m dash, so we’ll continue practices for them, such as they are, over the next week.
  • I will send along meet #3 and #4 results from the region once they’re published.
  • Remember that we have no more practices this week after today – Thursday is a CYO blackout day due to the Holiday, and Saturday we’re off for Mother’s Day weekend!
  • This season has now officially won the award for the worst spring weather in my nearly decade of coaching CYO track.  Congratulations, 2016!

Meet #4 SSPJ Results

Thanks for those of you that braved the elements yesterday.  Conditions turned out to be not as bad as predicted, and our runners did well.

I don’t have the meet results from the Region yet, but I’ll share the numbers we took yesterday, and will forward along the meet results for #3 and #4 as soon as I receive them.

Meet #4 SSPJ Results:

Boys by Athlete

Boys by Event

Girls by Athlete

Girls by Event

2016 SSPJ Track Sub Novice Times

Field event results will be a part of the Region report.


This week in SSPJ Track:

  • Tuesday Practice 5:30 – 6:30
  • Thursday – NO PRACTICE (Ascension Thursday – CYO Blackout date)
  • Saturday – NO PRACTICE (Mother’s Day Weekend)

Please feel free to get some running in during these missed practices – ask me for specific advice if you want it.

We’ll hit training hard next week as we gear up for the Region 17 Championships on 5/15.

Meet #4 Lineups


I apologize that I don’t have the results from Meet #3, or the usual report showing “best season performances” from that meet, which I like to do to help motivate the kids.  This meet lineup also doesn’t reflect the performances of the previous week, which it usually does.

Please note that Sunday’s track meet at Bishop Shanahan will be held rain or shine, and will be cancelled only if there is thunder and lightning.  The weather forecast is a bit grim so please be prepared.  I’ll post a note here on the blog if there is a sort of cancellation.

The following lineups can be considered suggestions, the kids can add whatever field events they want to, and just have them let me know if they want to swap something out.  Anyone that worked out with Coach Darlak this morning is especially welcomed to enter the shot put competition.

With the potential for a poor turnout, I’ll look around and if I have four of any age group around when relays are called, I’ll assemble a team at that point.  So make sure to have the kids come and see me if they want to be in a relay.

These rainy days (if it works out that way) can create some fond memories.  So let’s look at it that way, I guess.

See you Sunday at 12:30 p.m. on the field for warmups!

Girls Lineup by Athlete

Girls Lineup by Event

Boys Lineup by Athlete

Boys Lineup by Event

Meet #4 Lineup

At this point, please look at the blog (or your email) late Saturday night or perhaps even Sunday morning for the Meet #4 lineup.  If it’s done super late Sunday morning I’ll bring copies with me.  I am waiting on Meet #3 results.

At this point, only E. Uhlman, M. Logan, and L/K/J. Ward are reported as not available for the meet 5/1, if you also will not be there (or you told me and I didn’t write it down) please let me know.

Practice Is On For Tonight

Hi All, some light rain is in the forecast for tonight, but know that we’re going to proceed with SSPJ CYO Track practice.  If you don’t mind your kids getting wet, have them there at 5:30 and if it’s raining, we’ll finish up at around six.  If you don’t want the kids wet, no worries, keep them home.  Of course, if there is thunder/lighting, practice will be immediately halted, so please stay nearby.

We’ve missed so many practices this spring, I hate to miss another, so I at least want to give the opportunity to those that want it.  As long as it’s safe we’ll just do our best.  Make sure they bundle up with hats and gloves, please, it can get cold there when the wind is blowing.  I will recommend keeping Grades K-2 home, but I’ll work with whoever wants to splash around tonight.

See you in a few hours!

Spring CYO Mass

The Spring CYO Mass will be on Saturday, April 30 at the 5:30 pm Mass.  We ask that you assemble your teams in the cafeteria by 5:15 and we will process into church as a group.  There will be pews reserved for athletes and coaches.  The children may wear their team shirts over their church clothes – but please make sure to wear a shirt underneath.  Please remind the children that proper behavior is expected – we are representing all of the spring teams at this mass.  This is a great opportunity to promote our wonderful sports program.