3/31 Practice On but No Trials plus Subnovice Meet Results

We are going to hold practice tonight but due to the cold we’re not going to hold our Penn Relay Trials (novice/minor/cadet.)  We will hold them next Tuesday, 4/7.  I’m sorry for the change but we’re concerned about safety and holding a fair trial.

We will hold practice tonight 3/31 at 5:30 p.m. at Downingtown East High School, please bundle up.  There will be no practices until the next Tuesday 4/7 due to the Holiday.

2015 SSPJ Track Sub Novice Times

Thanks to the sub novice coaches for preparing the results from Sunday’s meet.  They did their best to capture every result, but if you have one that was missed, just let us know.

Thanks to everyone for a good start to the season and have a blessed Easter.

Meet #1 Running Results – Week’s Schedule

Thanks to all for a good first meet.  We were pleased with our Panthers’ good efforts.  Below please see the results for the running events, we’ll send along the full results with all of the rest of the teams later this week.

This week we only have practice on Tuesday - No Practice Thursday or Saturday due to Holy Week.

On Tuesday (novice/minor/cadet) we will hold our Penn Relay Time Trials.  This is the internal race we’ll use to help us determine the four teams we send to the Penn Relays on April 21.  The kids may use their spikes for this race only (not the rest of practice)- please make every effort to be there if your child is interested in participating in this fun event.

Boys Results By Name

Boys Results By Event

Girls Results By Name

Girls Results By Event

Again, we’ll follow up with field events results once they come in from this week’s scorekeeping team.  We’ll also follow up with the subnovice results we’ve gotten.

Thank you to the parents that helped so much, and we’ll look forward to seeing the kids on Tuesday.

Meet Order of Events

Below should be the order of events for today’s meet, and all of the practice meets.  Please help your athlete stay organized and follow along with the meet so they report for their races.

Subnovices, your coaches will have uniform t-shirts for you today.  Those are for you to keep.

Everyone, please bundle up and bring water and snacks.  Some snacks should be available at the Bishop Shanahan snack bar.

4 x 200m Relay

4 x 800m Relay (Open)

Subnovice 100m

100m Dash Trials

1600m Run

400m Run 

4 x 100m Relay

Subnovice 800m

100m Dash Finals

800m Run

Subnovice 200m

200m Dash

4 x 400m Relay (Open)

plus: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, High Jump (listen for instructions)

Please see the coaches for your sticker sheets (novice/minor/cadet.)  We’ll see you at 12:45 p.m. today –  best of luck to everyone today!

Meet #1 Lineup – 3/29 at Bishop Shanahan

Below please find the lineups for the boys and girls team for this weekend’s meet.  Please be at Bishop Shanahan High School at 12:45 p.m. Sunday 3/29 for our team warm-ups.  We tried to give everyone their favorite events – if they’re missing something they want to do, we’ll make sure to get it in for the second meet.

Boys Lineup by Athlete

Boys Lineup by Event

Girls Lineup by Athlete

Girls Lineup by Event

Prior to the meet, see the coaches for a page of stickers that will have your child’s name and age group on it.  They’ll need to put a few of them on their uniforms for the day and give them to the scorekeeper after each run or field event.

The sticker page will have enough stickers for the whole year, so please help your child hold on to them so they don’t have to find the coaches for stickers before or during each meet.

Also, make sure the stickers are removed from the uniforms before washing them.  Washing and drying really seals those suckers in, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of that sticky residue.

Thank you for your cooperation with this, and we’re looking forward to a great first meet!

Practice On For 3/26/15

Despite gloomy clouds and threatening rain, we’re going to give practice a try this afternoon (5:30 p.m. at Downingtown East.)  At least it’s kind of warm.  If it looks grim outside when you’re leaving and you don’t want to go to practice, that’s fine.  If you don’t want your child to run when it’s wet out – don’t send them!  We’ll be there and give it a try as long as conditions are safe.

Please remember that weeknight practices generally end at 6:30, and for tonight, if it’s ugly out, we may end earlier.  Coach Don wants to go home and have dinner and can’t do so until all of the kids are picked up.

Novice/Minor/Cadets: Carol Loffredo will be at practice tonight to give out remaining uniforms.  Bring a $50 deposit check written to SSPJ CYO.  If you miss her tonight, you’ll have to make arrangements to meet up with her at her house before Sunday’s Meet.  You can email her at caloffredo13 [at] verizon.net.

Our first meet is this Sunday at 12:45 p.m. at Bishop Shanahan High School.  I am assuming that your novice/minor/cadet is going to attend unless you’ve told me – those that I know aren’t attending (or will be late) are: CKelly, CJackson (late), LKnott, CJMulcahy, MHolgado, KWard (late) and JHolgado.  Everyone else is being added to the lineup.  If you’re not attending please let me know sooner than later.

Look to this blog for the meet lineup Friday or Saturday.

This Week In SSPJ Track

Hi All,

Here is this week’s schedule:

  • Tuesday 3/24, practice at 5:30 p.m. at Downingtown East High School
  • Please let me know by the end of tonight if your child is NOT running in Sunday’s Meet (3/29).  Otherwise, we’ll look forward to seeing them.
  • Thursday 3/26, practice at 5:30 p.m. at Downingtown East High School.  Rain’s a possibility for Thursday so please keep an eye on this blog or your email (if you’ve subscribed).  If we have practice, Carol will be available towards the end of practice to distribute any uniforms that have not been picked up.
  • You should receive the event assignments for this weekend’s meet Thursday night or Friday.
  • Saturday 3/28, practice for novice/minor/cadet, 9:00 a.m., DEHS
  • Sunday 3/29, Practice Meet #1 at Bishop Shanahan High School, 12:45 p.m.

Please have everyone bundle up for practices this week.  I recommend gloves – it gets pretty windy at the track.  For Sunday’s meet, dressing in layers is always a good idea in case things turn cold (for spectators and adults.)  The school will be selling snacks, but you may want to bring your own along with plenty of water.  It’s nice for the kids to snack a bit between events.

Thank you for helping me out by letting me know if your child isn’t participating on Sunday – and have a great week.

Roster Confirmation

Below is the roster to be submitted to the Archdiocese.  You can see your child’s age division they’ll be competing with during the meets.

Age Groups: Cadets born 2000-2001, Minors born 2002-2003, Novices born 2004-2005.

For Penn Relays, Seniors born 2000-2002, Juniors born 2003-2005.  We’ll put together four Penn Relays team in the next few weeks, Boy & Girl, Junior & Senior.  Those age groups are used just for the Penn Relays meet.

Please double check that your child (novice/minor/cadet) is on this list, spelling is correct, and they’re in the correct divisions.  If you see an error please let me know ASAP.

First Name Last Name Division Penn
David Loffredo Cadet Senior
Ryan Hankee Cadet Senior
Connor Kelly Cadet Senior
David Carangan Cadet Senior
Benjamin Doyle Minor Senior
Christopher “CJ” Mulcahy Minor Senior
Ryan Joseph Minor Senior
Colin Lacey Minor Senior
Caleb Puz Minor Junior
Nathaniel Kelly Minor Junior
Nicholas Kelly Minor Junior
Andrew Darlak Minor Junior
Donnie Robson Minor Junior
Tyler Baumeister Minor Junior
Cole Embleton Novice Junior
max white Novice Junior
sam white Novice Junior
Colin Jackson Novice Junior
Peter Sanford Novice Junior
Shaun Joseph Novice Junior
Daniel Harrer Novice Junior
Ethan Puz Novice Junior
Matthew Holgado Novice Junior
Jameson Todd Novice Junior
Liam Knott Novice Junior
Thomas Baschoff Novice Junior
Danny Hankee Novice Junior
Last Name First Name Division Penn
Burke Fiona Cadet Senior
Burke Maeve Cadet Senior
Person Caroline Cadet Senior
Karnoto Natasha Cadet Senior
Ficarra Elaine Cadet Senior
McDonald Anna Cadet Senior
Miller Mary Cadet Senior
DeAngelis Kathleen Cadet Senior
Cecco Sarah Cadet Senior
Darlak Julia Cadet Senior
Robson Clare Cadet Senior
Kelly Margaret Cadet Senior
Pascale Sophia Minor Senior
tirendi lauren Minor Senior
Baker Emily Minor Senior
Baker Megan Minor Senior
Holgado Jessica Minor Senior
Ward Lindsey Minor Senior
Todd Ashley Minor Junior
Brogna Emily Minor Junior
Saggers Katherine Minor Junior
Kelly Elizabeth Minor Junior
Baschoff Emmy Minor Junior
Vander Neut Elizabeth Novice Junior
martino Sofia Novice Junior
Ward Jessica Novice Junior
Ward Kirsten Novice Junior
Hewitt Eileen Novice Junior
Fatato Melina Novice Junior
Herbert Abigail Novice Junior
Uhlman Deborah Novice Junior
Uhlman Emma Novice Junior
Uhlman Hannah Novice Junior
Uhlman Sarah Novice Junior
Mallon Alyssa Novice Junior
Singley Samantha Novice Junior